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“Talk” was one of the first songs written by the band for the second album. It showcases an emerging, subdued side of the band not evident in the first record. The band’s three-guitar lineup is highlighted as well, as the three guitarists weave around each other’s lines over a solid rhythm section. The track is a snapshot of what Cheats has in store for their listeners.

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What if i survive? / Would you even care? / Need i raise a false alarm / Just to get you there / Cause somewhere lies / A space that if assembled would be ours / But some divide / And say it isn't true / I still hear you talk / I still hear you scream / Cause in that space / Someone lied / And said it was a dream / When they wake you up / Would you be let down? / If i raise a false alarm / Don't you make a sound

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"I don't want to waste my time in love"

"I don't want to waste my time alone"